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Updated: Jun 7, 2023

December 31, 2022

Dear Member,

Can it be true? Are we done with 2022? Judging by the way Madam Secretary has been “asking” me to write this… I’m guessing so. I’m going to start this off with a few topics of a negative nature, things we need to improve on . On the top of the list, we have 1 or 2 folks shooting up the target structure. I’m guessing it’s the same folks shooting the steel with rifles. To top it off, those folks are shooting at 10 yards. We know this because the ground is littered with .223 & .308 cases. We have some video and soon we’ll have multi-angle video. I’m betting 1 of 3 things is going to happen: (1) the culprit(s) are going to start being responsible; (2) They’re going to get caught and removed from our ranks, or (3) They are going to learn about Darwin, up close and personal. Don’t let that happen folks.

Just a few more notes: (1) The auto entry gate should be unlocked and open while shooting. Closed and locked when you leave. (2) Range is HOT flag up while shooting, down when not. (3) Sign in and sign out. Everyone must sign in & out and all guests need to COMPLETE the Liability Release Waiver legibly. Guests 18 and older that are shooting need to pay a $5 range use fee per visit. Guests under the age of 18 or who are not shooting (observers) do not pay the fee but do still need to complete a Liability Waiver; or their legal guardian does on their behalf if under 18. Forms with fees (if applicable) go in an envelope and then get deposited into the lock box. Lastly, if you break something (ie: the steel 2x4, netting, etc) email us so we can get it fixed. I really hate driving to the club to find the steel on the ground because the 2x4’s are shot up, or the netting is destroyed. I can only hope someone hasn’t driven out there to shoot and can’t because they’re alone and unable to make the necessary repairs. You’re not a bad person if you break something due to normal usage. You become less of a desirable club member if you just leave the range and equipment unusable for other members. Send us an email so we can get it fixed!

Okay, moving on. We are working on upgrading the website. It should be complete by Spring. Our VP, Sean Murphy, has taken the lead and has some really terrific improvements coming. One is real time, multi-angle video surveillance… Can’t wait! Also, a much more interactive website; chat rooms, questions and answers, etc. Hang on, it’s going to be great! I didn’t over sell it, did I Sean?

My goal for the clubhouse is to finish the exterior and interior by Summer’s end. This year we seemed to run into many issues causing delays. The Executive Committee has decided no new major projects will be started until the clubhouse is finished. After that, an interior restroom is next. We’re waiting on a septic design now. So, before the Spring thaw, we will have the design and cost identified. We’ll have a plan to move forward at that time… stay tuned. Please keep in mind things can only get done when we have enough volunteers and good, successful fundraisers. While still thinking about fundraisers… did everyone get their EOC T-Shirts? We still have a few left.

Speaking of volunteers, I’m looking for a few. Doug Smith has stepped up and volunteered to take care of EOC’s trash situation… Thanks, Doug! Once the website is up and running, you’ll be able to sign up to take care of a needed task. Keep in mind, each time you do something for the club, you will earn an entry ticket for the Year-End Participation Raffle. Don’t miss the drawing. The prize for this year is a Heritage Rough Rider, .22cal pistol with an engraved cylinder and custom grips! The drawing for this year’s prize will be at the January 11, 2023 Member Meeting. There might even be a sneak peek at next year’s prize!

So, what’s on tap for next year? How about “An Intro to Steel Challenge”? We’re also going to start an Adult Archery Class/League. If the interest is there, Adult Handgun and Rifle. Of course, we’ll be offering our Youth Archery and Airgun Class through the Summer again. Hunter Education, you ask? Yep! Ice Fishing, Fly Fishing, Basic Fishing, Fly Tying are all on the schedule as well! We’ll be heavily involved in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF). They continue to support us by awarding grants and we’ll continue to support them by planning their Fundraising Banquet on April 29th at Fireside Inn in West Lebanon. The same can be said for the Friends of NRA (FNRA). As a thank you for their generous support, we’ll be planning their Fundraising Banquet on September 9th; at Fireside Inn. If you haven’t been to those events, you owe it to yourself to attend. Tons of fun, good food, great people and you just might win an awesome firearm or other cool item! Of course, we’re still working with the Mascoma Valley Boy Scout Troop #44 as their Charter Organization. In fact, Peg and I are going to attend an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Zachary Largus. This young man has worked hard and upholds the same ideals as most of us. Congratulations, Zak!

We’re trying to decide if we should continue with our gun raffle traditions. What do you think? Shoot me an email if you have an opinion or an idea for something different. The Club is also planning another NFA Shoot. People seem to like them. Of course, we’ll be awarding another $500 Scholarship to a graduating senior this year. If you know of someone who may benefit, please put them in touch with us.

Well, we accomplished a lot this year. We conducted two Youth Archery & two Youth Airgun classes, held three Hunter Education Field Days, and were able to offer many, many other classes with the help from outside vendors. We built a shed (or nearly so); awarded another scholarship to a deserving young lady; helped with the Enfield Halloween Celebration; donated to the Food Pantry; brought joy to many area children at our 46th Annual Children’s Christmas Party; and this year, we even selected a family to provide Christmas gifts to their children. Those kids had a much better Christmas, thanks to you!

So, with all we’ve done and all we’re going to do, Thank You! Things do not get done without people giving their time and resources. I want to especially thank Peg Howard. Believe me when I say she really makes sure the club functions and gets things done. Look, she got me to finally sit down and write this. Then there is the Executive Committee (Board of Directors and Officers). These folks continue to give their time and talents to make sure the club is at its best. So, thanks- Sean, Peg, Deb, Arnie, Fritz, Bob, Marty, Bobby, Jeff, and Pete. We have several members who have really done more than their fair share this year: Jake, Doug, Brian, Jeff (x3 😊), Marie, Kayla, Gail, Laura, David, Sarah, Joe, Colin, and Sam… Thank you! If I’ve left anyone out, my apologies; you know who you are. I can’t forget Leila at Welch’s Gun Shop, Bob at Smith River Trading Post, or Mascoma Bank. All have donated and/or provided merchandise at cost. Thank you all very much.

I’m looking forward to 2023 and all the club will accomplish. Hang on… it’s going to be a wild year with new opportunities for outdoor fun!

Stay Safe… Stay Healthy… Shoot Straight!

Kevin M. Howard, President

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Jeffrey Wilkinson

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