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Range Procedure

You should always be familiar with all the range rules (here).  This short list of rules is intended to remind you of the procedural process when visiting the range.



  1. The firearm range is closed all day on Monday and until noon on Tuesday. Range hours are Tuesday from 12:00 noon until dusk, and Wednesday through Sunday are from 09:00 to 30 minutes after sunset.

  2. Arrival

    1. Upon arriving, open the gate using the combination on your ID card.  Leave the gate open.

    2. Raise the "Hot Range Flag" located at the entrance gate.

    3. Sign in on the sign-in sheets located to the right of the fence door.

      1. If you have guests (up to 4 allowed per member at a time), ensure they complete the liability waiver and deposit the $5 fee as instructed at the sign-in area.​

    4. CLOSE the fence door behind you - NO firing is to take place unless the door is closed!

  3. Shooting​​

    1. Use appropriate eye and ear protection.

    2. Follow the EOC Range Safety Rules:​

      1. Always keep the muzzle in a safe direction, defined as downrange or pointed down at the ground;​

      2. Keep one’s finger off the trigger until the sights are on the target;

      3. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it;

      4. Share ownership of the “cease fire” command when conditions become unsafe; and

      5. When “cease fire” is called, stop firing immediately, removes one’s finger from the trigger, lower the firearm. Cooperate in clearing the line. Handguns may be holstered and safed rifles may be slung over the shoulder as long as they are not otherwise handled.

      6. Fire at appropriate targets only. No aerial targets.

        1. Do not shoot at any signs or target structures.

        2. Ensure all projectiles impact within the established range safety limits. All fired rounds shall impact the berm, no higher than 6 feet above ground level.

      7. Call “cease fire” if an unsafe condition exists.

  4. Departure

    1. Pick up all brass, paper and other debris that accumulate on the range. Unwanted fired brass shall be deposited in the brass bucket (or dud bucket for misfires).  Other trash shall be disposed of in the containers provided, or preferably taken with you. Leave range nicer than when you found it.​​​

    2. Leave the fence gate open if you are the last to leave and empty range.​​

    3. Sign Out

    4. Lower the "Hot Range Flag"

    5. If you are the last to leave, LOCK the gate on your way out.

  5.  EMERGENCIES. In the event of an emergency:
    1. Remain calm.

    2. Call 911and tell the dispatcher there has been an accident.

    3. Direct the dispatcher to send an ambulance to: The Enfield Outing Club, 378 Shaker Hill Road in Enfield, NH.

    4. If able, delegate and send someone to the gate near the road to direct EMS to the emergency site.

    5. If able, perform first aid.

    6. As soon as reasonably possible, notify the club President and CRO.

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