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Jeff Wilkinson


Jeff is a New Hampshire native and currently residing in Enta, NH. Raised North of the Notch in Groveton NH he joined the Marines in 1975 without having a clue what he was getting into. He got to travel overseas and attended numerous training opportunities, building lifelong memories. It was a great opportunity to mature and be ready for college after enlistment.
After applying for numerous colleges in the East he acquiesced to grandparents wishes (who had left NH for Phoenix AZ) and became a Sun Devil attending ASU. It was a wonderful school that has an outstanding Mechanical Engineering Technology program. During this period ROTC kept bugging him so he went to berate them and they gave him a scholarship. Upon graduating he spent 10 years on Active duty with the Army Corps of Engineers.
Again, attending numerous training opportunities and spending an exciting year in Korea during the first Desert Storm Operation. Requesting and getting (much to his surprise) his duty station of choice at the US Army Cold Regions Research Laboratory in Hanover NH he left active duty and married his wife Marie Darling. During this transition a position with the Army Reserve in Manchester NH opened and he spent a couple years with them. He then went into the Individual Ready Reserve for about 10 years and later heard the call to return to duty again in Manchester with an excellent unit, the 368th Engineer Battalion. While there he completed additional required training and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, the rank he retired at in 2017.
He is still working for a small engineering firm in Lyme NH called Snomatic Controls and Engineering, drafting engineering plans for ski resorts. He has been a member of the Enfield Outing club for a number of years, attempting to bring some engineering organization to the club. He enjoys camping, fishing, firearms and back country cross country skiing.

Jeff Wilkinson
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