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Land Navigation - Map and Compass

This is a multi-day/evening course featuring an introduction to:
1. Compasses, GPS units, use and function, parts of a compass, a bit of geography and is 2 hours the first evening
2. Topo maps, digital and paper, Long/Lat and UTM navigation plotting systems, magnetic declination, 2 hours the
second evening
3. Practical demonstration of using a compass and a map and a GPS to navigate, 2 hours the third session (morning) is entirely outdoors so be sure to wear appropriate outdoor clothing and shoes for walking through the brush. Sunscreen, bugspray, hat, bring water, etc. Must be able to attend both classroom sessions to join in on the Field Excursion. Ages 8 & older, anyone under the age of 14 needs an adult to stay throughout the course.

For information, contact Peg at

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