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Haloween Parade

During COVID, the Town of Enfield decided to celebrate Halloween by offering a means by which social distancing could still be adhered to, but would still allow the community to celebrate the tradition… a parade!

Children and parents alike lined the streets in costumes while various organizations from the Town of Enfield drove through and tossed candy and trinkets from car windows. Last year instead of a parade, Enfield hosted its first Trunk or Treat. With cars and people from the Enfield Community all decked out for the occasion, our neighbors from the community came to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of Halloween tricks and treats. We are proud to say that EOC has been there right from the beginning with that first parade.

We are honored to be a part of the Enfield Community and to give back to our neighbors. Look for us each year and we carry the tradition on! If you are interested in joining the Halloween Planning Committee, please get in touch with Peg at

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