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2023 October NFA Shoot!

Sunday October 8th, 10AM - 4PM

Always a member favorite, this event is sure to be exciting!  Once again Dragonfire Arms offers members a unique opportunity to support the club and get your hands on a unique set of firearms!

This year, the proceeds from the event will go toward funding the new club restroom, so we encourage everyone to come out and have a great time!

This event is BYOA (Bring Your Own Ammo), but we will have limited supplies on hand for sale at normal retail prices.  Ammo must be factory or good surplus, no reloads please.

  • We will have the grill going and offer lunch for a nominal cost.

  • We will have this years holiday raffle tickets available to purchase.

  • We will have resources on-site that can discuss any training opportunities you may be interested in.

  • Not sure if you want to shoot?  Come on by anyway!  There is absolutely no charge to watch and enjoy the fun at the club.  Lend a hand running the event, or just pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the day with us.

Calibers to shoot include:

  • .22 LR

  • 9mm

  • .300 Blackout

  • 30 Carbine

  • 5.56 x 45

  • 7.62 x 25

  • 7.62 x 39

  • 7.62 x 51

  • 7.62 x 54

  • 12 Gauge

  • 20 Gauge

How it works:

  • Many items are completely FREE to shoot (ammo not included)!  Feel free to utilize these as much as you'd like!

  • The rest of the NFA items cost $15 each to shoot as much as you'd like (ammo not include).

  • The popular "all access pass" will once again be available for $150, which allows you to shoot everything on the table, including 25 machine guns, SBRs, and suppressors as much as you'd like!

    • When you arrive at the club you will sign in at the registration table, and sign the liability waiver form.

    • Feel free to purchase any raffle tickets you'd like, ask about any classes you may be interested in, and pick up any EOC swag available.

    • Enter the range and come on down to the firing line where all the action is.  You can take a look at everything that's available and decide what you'd like to try.  

    • Head over to the ticket table and purchase whatever tickets or all-access passes you'd like, and step up to the table and choose a firearm, it's that easy.


  • As always, safety is our first priority at EOC.  

  • We will have a range safety officer at every shooting station, one per shooter.  This person is specifically there for your safety, and to assist you with the firearm if needed.  Never shot it before?  Most people haven't, these are unique firearms!  We are here to help!  They will verify the firearm is safe before it leaves the firing line.

  • Only one person will be shooting at each station.

  • Typically, we have 4 stations on the firing line.

  • Resources will be manning the firearm table to ensure safety, verifying every firearm is clear before returning it to the table.

  • No firearms will be loaded except on the firing line.


What will be available?










5.56 x 45

  • M16A2 Clone, it's a 3 round burst

  • Krink style AK47 Full Auto

  • AR-15 16in Dissipator Full Auto

  • AR-15 with 7.5in barrel Full Auto

  • AR-15 with 10.5in barrel Full Auto

  • AR-15 16in barrel with Spade grips that mounts on a tripod Full Auto





7.62 x 25

  • PPSH41

  • PPS43






7.62 x 39

  • Norinco Mak 90 AK-47

  • Romanian AK-47

  • AR-47

7.62 x 51

  • M1919A4 Belt Fed

  • FN FAL

7.62 x 54

  • DP-27


  • Cobray M11 With 72 round drum

  • Finnish KP-44 With 72 round drum

  • British Sten Mk2

  • British Sterling

  • Glock 17

  • MP5

  • Uzi on the left side

  • AR-9 on Right side with suppressor












Misc Calibers

  • Ruger open bolt 10/22

  • AR-15 in .300 Blackout

  • M1 Carbine


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