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Building an AR platform rifle (FREE!)

Dec 16, 2023

  • Starts Dec 16
  • Enfield Outing Club, 378 Shaker Hill Road, Enfield NH


The AR platform rifle is arguably the most common modern sporting rifle, with a reported over 40 million in the US alone. Would you like to learn why? Hint: it's a simple design, easy to assemble, easy to maintain, easy to customize, is safe and reliable, and is an excellent choice for home defense, as well as competition use. Would you like to learn about how the AR platform rifle works, and how to assemble one of your own? In this introductory class, we will discuss how these firearms work, and we'll dive into the parts required and methods used to assemble them. We will build a few, and test fire them on the range. We will have a chronograph available if you'd like to test various ammunition choices in your new firearm. We will have all the tools required to complete the job correctly and safely (although you may certainly bring your own if you like). You are encouraged to bring your parts and walk through the build process right in class. Interested but don't have parts yet? If this is your first introduction to the platform the choices can be overwhelming. Feel free to contact us ( if you'd like assistance in selecting parts for your needs. Need help sourcing the parts? We can help you there too if you'd like. Maybe you don't want to dive in and build just yet? Come on our and discuss, watch, and assist in building and testing. It's a great group of folks hanging out at the club talking shop and building firearms together. You are encouraged to bring a lunch (we have a refrigerator), but if you'd like to skip out to grab a bite you certainly can. Please wear comfortable shoes appropriate for the range, and eye and ear protection if you have them (we have some you can borrow if need them). Have questions? Just drop us a note and we'll connect with you!

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